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20th Anniversary: ‘Selected Works’

Today in the year 2000, this 4-CD box set was released by the Eagles. The first three were largely composed of selections from their seven (at the time) studio albums, while the final disc contained excerpts from their Millennium Concert recorded on New Year’s Eve, 1999.

Happy Veterans Day!

Or Remembrance or Armistice Day, as the case may be. Either way, it’s 102 years since the ceasefire that effectively stopped the messy fighting of the “Great War,” though the Treaty of Versailles would not be signed until the following year. The last soldier killed is believed to be an American: Sgt. Henry Gunther. AContinue reading “Happy Veterans Day!”

Operation Torch, 1942

It’s 78 years to the day that the Allied offensive in North Africa known as Operation Torch began. Three main Anglo-American landings took place along the shores of Vichy French territory, and within three days most resistance by the French had ceased. This successful operation marked the first direct involvement of American soldiers in theContinue reading “Operation Torch, 1942”

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